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Josey Says ….

So I went out this weekend with some friends. We had some drinks, laughed a little bit and all that good stuff, but you know it all goes down when we step onto that dance floor. Dancing time!

We were out the floor I’m swinging my arms, flailing around, you know having a good all time. We have our tight little girl circle going on so we can mutually protect one anothers rears which are exposed to every passing creep in the club. So its all good. Couple swing arounds, you know the move where the girl you are trying to dance behind has a good friend who re positions here exactly opposite you on the other side of the circle.. yeah… that one. So Im swingnig my arms.  I send my arms up and then with an open hand pulled my hands down behind me and………………………. what was that ?? What the… was that a ….. male member?
 a Baloney Pony?

a Ding Dong?


Meat popsicle?

Spitting cobra?


I turn and there is this guy just standing there smiling at me. I raised my now sullied hand and hold it up and away from me, and deliberately between us.

"Sorry" I say between my horrified face ( see .gif picture above_  

"No worries" said he , who had just been molested by my unsuspecting hand. "I thought u were a good dancer. would you like to dance?"

Um hand still in the air, I looked at him.. He smiled.. I looked at him.. he smiled.. I looked at him ( please again refer to the .gif picture above) With the dirty hand I waved no no no… 

please rest assured the hand has now been washed.

Josey dancing with R2

Trish says…
Right now we’re shooting our very first music video together at Pixel Studios in La Mesa!

I’m actually freezing. I think the air con is at 30 degrees.

Anyway, this studio is pretty sweet! All but the creepy bathroom.

When you walk in, there’s a sign above the urinal (it’s a coed bathroom) that says “the panther sees all”.

Then when u walk into the toilet stall right next to it, there u see a huge panther statue right next to the bowl.

Josey thinks there’s a camera in it. YIKES!

Seriously my fingers are freezing!!!! Hope we’re done recording before I have to tinkle again. Otherwise the panther gets another show. Wooomp!

T is Trish
Raj is Raj
Jx is Josey

Pdizzle is Pat

T: r u mad at me?
Raj: you hit my guitar.
T: Sowee.
Jx: Mrrrow
Raj: if u buy me boba we will be even.
T: Bomba means something bad in my language.
Raj: I said boba not Bomba!
Jx: boooooooobbbbbiiieeeesssss chewy little one.

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